Delivery of 2nd 20MPS for EMYN Offshore Project

2024-04-08 Source: DAJIN

Dajin has recently achieved a significant milestone by successfully delivering 20 monopiles for the Noirmoutier project. This accomplishment highlights the company's excellent professional manufacturing capabilities and reliability in fulfilling contract obligations.

It's worth mentioning that Dajin, in close coordination with the project owner, completed the loading of these 20 monopiles onto a vessel in just 7 days, demonstrating remarkable efficiency and teamwork. These monopiles, vital components for the offshore wind energy project, are now on their way to Europe aboard the world's third largest vessel, Blue Marlin, providing a solid foundation for the smooth progress of the project.

This achievement not only showcases Dajin's technical expertise but also reinforces its commitment to timely delivery and customer satisfaction. The company's dedication to excellence and its ability to meet challenging deadlines make it a trusted partner in the renewable energy industry.

With the monopiles now on their way to Europe, the Noirmoutier project is one step closer to completion. Dajin's reliable and efficient service has been instrumental in moving the project forward, paving the way for a successful outcome.

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