Beside developing the wind power equipment manufacturing sector,

Dajin is still actively developing new energy investment and development business.

Currently, The Fuxin Zhangwu Xiliujiazi 250MW onshore wind farm have been successfully connected to the grid.

And we plan to have 2GW renewable projects in recent three years.

The location of Fuxin Zhangwu Xiliujiazi 250 MW wind farm ranges

from 122°36′20.53″ to 122°36′30.42″east longitude and 42°14′2.33″ to 42°22′44.72″north latitude.

Compared with thermal power of the same generating capacity, it can save about 365,700t of standard coal every year (coal consumption of thermal power is calculated according to 320g/kWh ). At the same time, it can reduce the emission of many kinds of harmful gases caused by coal combustion every year, including sulfur dioxide(SO₂)3170.2t, nitrogen oxides(NO(x) )3527.6t, soot 5827.8t, reduce the emission of greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO₂) 986,000t, and reduce the emission of grey slag 116,000t. It can also reduce the pollution of the water environment of the corresponding hydraulic ash removal wastewater and warm drainage water.