International shipping fleet

Dajin is focusing on building our own logistics system to support globalisation layout.

Currently, the construction of 2 to 4 heavy deck transport vessels in the first phase has begun, and 2 vessels are expected to be delivered in 2025.

In the future, a self owned transport fleet consisting of 10-20 super large heavy deck transport ships with different dwt will be formed.

  • Marine engineering and Load out/in operation

    Charter ships by various means such as VC TC TCT, and the whole process of monitoring and management of the charter ships to ensure safety and on-time delivery.

  • Ship Building

    Build an international first-class specialized carrier shipping company to ensure safe, efficient, on-time delivery of products, and provide one-stop service for client.

  • Ship Management

    Build international first-class vessels such as heavy deck vessel and undertake customer shipbuilding needs.

  • Ship Chartering

    Provide loading and unloading services at port and utilize a variety of loading/unloading methods to meet the requirements of various products.