First cut kicks off the Nordseecluster A Offshore Project

2024-05-30 Source: DAJIN

Dajin has started the manufacturing of the foundations for RWE’s Nordseecluster A. The project, utilizing a TP-LESS structure, with the first cutting ceremony held on 28th May, indicated the project has moved into production.

The TP-LESS design deployed for Nordseecluster A offers innovative solutions, enhancing structural integrity and cost-efficiency. The welding of 2nd steel attachments and templates further ensures precision and quality, bolstering the project's overall reliability.

Concurrently, three projects are ongoing at the Dajin Penglai facility, showcasing the company's exceptional management and coordination skills. This parallel execution ensures the seamless and timely advancement of each project, maintaining Dajin's commitment to excellence. 

With the commencement of the plate cutting, RWE’s Nordseecluster A is well on its way to successful serial production. Dajin remains committed to delivering innovative and reliable fabrication solutions that will further cement its position in the industry.

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