Milestone for Dajin Panjin Offshore Facility

2023-08-10 Source: DAJIN

A significant milestone for Dajin Panjin Offshore Facility, as the ground hardening work is now complete!
The Panjin Offshore Facility, dedicating to manufacturing Large Diameter Monopiles, Transition Pieces, Jackets, and Floating foundations, will utilize the existing two workshops for steel plate cutting, splicing, rolling, and section manufacturing and construct two new workshops specifically for the assembly and coating for XXXL monopiles in next three months.
Furthermore, we have procured 3 Haeusler plate bending machines (scheduled for delivery in October). It will upgrade our max manufacturing capability to an impressive 16 metres in diameter and 160 mm in plate thickness.
We anticipate the comprehensive completion of the Panjin Offshore Facility by December 2023. Once fully operational, it will serve as a comprehensive facility capable of production of XXXL Monopiles, Jackets, and Floating Foundations.

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