Delivery of 1st 11MPS for EMYN Offshore Project

2024-02-04 Source: DAJIN

The Eoliennes en Mer Iles d’Yeu et de Noirmoutier Project has achieved a significant milestone with the dispatch of the first 11 monopiles. This accomplishment underscores the team’s dedication to delivering a product of exceptional quality.

Each monopile, designed with a Shear Key and weighing approximately 700 tons, was meticulously loaded onto the vessel for transport to its final destination. This shipment is pivotal to the success of the Noirmoutier Wind Farm Project.

The Dajin team has been working relentlessly to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of the first batch. The fabrication of the subsequent batches is underway, and Dajin is fully committed to completing the project with high quality and on schedule. This project actively contributes to the advancement of renewable energy, offering customers a clean energy solution, thereby reducing fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions. 

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