Meet Dajin in Tokyo

2023-03-15 Source: DAJIN

Sail with the Wind. Thanks for meeting with Dajin at the Japan Offshore Wind and Hydrogen Summit held on March 13th to 14th in Odaiba Japan. We are excited to bring us to the local developers and EPCs and also fascinated to meet with all participants devoting to Japanese Offshore Wind Market.

Being the Gold Sponsor for this Summit, Dajin is bringing the topic of Supply Challenge and Proposal for offshore Wind Tower and Foundation addressed by the Overseas Sales & Development General Manager to share our insights on the development of the future foundations including the diameter and weight of the products and how Japanese Offshore Wind is about to commence from our point of view.

We are happy to exchange the views with all participants and we hope to meet you at the WIND EXPO JAPAN 2023 from March 15th to 17th.

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